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Painting, writing and knitting holiday courses in rural Tuscany

For centuries artists have drawn their inspiration from the Tuscan landscape and you could find few better places to enjoy your art and improve your skills than in our beautiful watermill set beside t


For centuries artists have drawn their inspiration from the Tuscan landscape and you could find few better places to enjoy your art and improve your skills than in our beautiful watermill set beside the curving banks of the river in a gentle, wooded valley. Secluded, yet part of the village; peaceful, yet just a mile from the walled medieval town of Fivizzano with its cafés, restaurants and shops; with pleasant gardens and peaceful millstream walks and with stunning views of the mountains in the background, the mill provides the ideal location for painting holidays Tuscany.

We should emphasise that everything is included in the cost of your art course: accommodation (including all linen and towels), all meals (including dinner at charming local restaurants), local transportation (including transfers to Pisa airport, assuming you arrive between 11am and 2pm) and tuition. 

Our courses are designed to help both experienced painters and beginners to make the most of their abilities and, most of all, enjoy their painting. Since there will only be twelve or so people on each course, you can be assured of individual attention. What distinguishes the Watermill at Posara from other locations is that Bill and Lois Breckon have carefully chosen painters of international repute to guide their guests. They are all well known for their empathy in gauging the individual abilities of the students in their classes, and can also encourage and instil confidence in even the most hesitant. 
** Holiday Courses for 2015 **
Saturday 25 April to Saturday 2 May 2015 Rob Edmondson PAINTING Acrylics plus watercolours and other media.
Rob Edmondson is a professional artist, from Lancashire in the UK who has wide experience in a number of different media and an extensive knowledge of artistic techniques. He’s been an enthusiastic art teacher for many years. He says: “I love to teach art! I enjoy the whole teaching process and the sheer fun of watching people create their own work.” Rob’s course will draw inspiration from the beautiful Tuscany landscape and it will cater for all abilities. You will learn to plan your painting and sketch your compositions before producing artwork in a range of media, including acrylics
Saturday 2 May to Saturday 9 May 2015 Sharon Kendrick WRITING Writing Romance.
Sharon has written more than 90 books for Harlequin Mills & Boon and is a USA TODAY bestseller, as well as selling all over Europe, Asia and South America. She loves interacting with other people and, in particular, nurturing the talent and passion of new writers. Sharon will pass on the benefits of her vast experience in writing romantic fiction and her intimate knowledge of what publishers like Harlequin, Mills & Boon are looking for in a romantic novel. This is Sharon’s eighth visit to the watermill and her Writing Romance course have become world famous. At the last count seven course participants have now become published novelists – and you could be the next.
Saturday 9 May to Saturday 16 May Sue Ford. PAINTING Watercolours, pastels, collage and mixed media plus acrylic.
Sue Ford, from Yorkshire in the North of England, is a well recognised and admired professional artist.Her ever-popular weekend workshops and residential holidays in UK and abroad are highly praised. Sue has experimented with almost every conceivable media in her career. She says: “I just love creating pictures in any medium – and I love passing on what I’ve learned to other people and to help them release their creativity. Each student will be guided carefully throughout the day, from initial demonstration to getting started, followed by patient, professional tuition.”
Saturday 23 May to Saturday 30 May 2015 and Saturday 12 September to Saturday 19 September 2015
Marie Wallin. KNITTING Knitting and La Bella Vita.
Marie is Head Designer for Rowan and over the eight years since she joined the Rowan team, she has built up a global reputation for her beautiful patterns, colourwork and stitch designs. She says: “I love to put colour together to create interesting fabric designs and to create beautiful knitwear that I hope everyone will love to wear”. Marie is also an enthusiastic, sympathetic and inspirational tutor and her first course at the watermill won universal praise from the participants. For her week-long courses at the mill she will devise two specially-designed projects for you to knit.
Saturday 30 May to Saturday 6 June 2015 Kevin Scully. PAINTING watercolours, oils, pastels or other media.
Kevin Scully is an experienced painter, illustrator and tutor. Born in England, he has lived and painted in the Caribbean and Canary Islands. Trained at Wimbledon School of Art, his vast experience has included work for the theatre, advertising and publishing. The course is for all levels of experience and you are free to choose your own favoured medium. His aim is to encourage everyone to explore all of the creative possibilities available within themselves and to produce paintings that say something not only about themselves, but also of the whole experience of a painting holiday at The Watermill.
Saturday 6 June to Saturday 13 June 2015 Sarah Yeoman. PAINTING Watercolours
Sarah Yeoman is an award-wining American watercolour artist whose mastery of reflections, unique surface layers, and unusual perspective sets her apart from the crowd. She is recognised for her command of light and the strong narrative of her pictures. Sarah describes her artistic process as “sculpting and pulling the form out of the paper,” much as a sculpture releases the form from the marble. She is equally at home with urban scenes, architecture & people with landscape & rural locations and with still lifes. Sarah is also a very talented teacher, who brings out the best in her students, recognising their unique talents.
Saturday 13 June to Saturday 20 June 2015 and Saturday 15 August to Saturday 22 August 2015
Trevor Lingard. PAINTING Watercolours.
Trevor is a self-taught professional artist, tutor and demonstrator in watercolour, the painting medium he prefers. He was born in the mill town of Accrington in Lancashire in the North of England and still lives in the county, in the picturesque village of Sabden in the Ribble Valley. He has won international acclaim for his unique style, in which spontaneity, immediacy and suggestion rather than detail are hallmarks, as well as the presence of directional light. Trevor’s teaching is enthusiastic and informative and caters for artists of all levels. He aims to help students to build their confidence and encourages a loose approach to watercolours.
Saturday 20 June to Saturday 27 June 2015 Sandra Strohschein. PAINTING Watercolours
Sandra Strohschein is a self-taught watercolourist from Michigan, USA who began painting just five years ago but who has achieved an extraordinary mastery of her medium. Her work has been honoured and praised in many fine art shows and exhibitions and she also has a remarkable online presence, with her daily Facebook posts followed by thousands. As for her teaching, people frequently tell her about how much fun they have on her workshops and how nobody ever wants them to end. She says: “I think that is a great thing…..to leave people wanting more.”
Wednesday 24 June to Saturday 4 July 2015. Leslie Fehling PAINTING ‘Creating your own watercolour journal’ in Florence and Tuscany: A unique 10-day painting holiday.
Leslie Fehling’s engaging watercolor sketches reflect her lighthearted approach to art and life. Whether she’s painting flowers from her garden in Prosperity, Pennsylvania, or drawing the fabulous fishing villages of the Cinque Terre, her unique style shines through. Hand-lettering, borders, and exciting page designs, combined with colorful watercolor sketches, elevate her sketchbook pages to the level of finished art. Her illustrated watercolour journals have gained her an international following through her Everyday Artist blog, where she shares her work and expertise with readers from around the world. Leslie is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who delights in bringing out the best in her students. Her course will include a special ‘Florence add-on’ from Wednesday 24 June to Saturday 27 June. You will enjoy three days of exploring Florence, with Leslie and a professional city guide, followed by a week at the watermill and it beautiful surrounding countryside: mountains, castles, convents, Medieval walled towns and hilltop villages.
Saturday 4 July to Saturday 11 July 2015 Rhoda Draws PAINTING ‘Fast and loose’ sketching for an illustrated travel journal
Rhoda Draws, who lives near San Francisco, California in the USA, likes to combine her love of travel with techniques for rapid drawing ‘on the go’. Her sketchbooks are filled with drawings created in Europe, North America and the Indian subcontinent. She works with waterproof pens and aquarelle (water-soluble) coloured pencils to create a variety of styles with a minimum of fuss. According to Rhoda, quick sketching on location is ideal for making an illustrated travel journal, for improving your observational skills and for exploring ideas for more detailed projects. She says: “If you capture the essence of a scene or monument or person in a few minutes, the result can be a finished work of art.”
Saturday 11 July to Saturday 18 July 2015 Laurence Marks “TV comedy and drama scriptwriting”
Laurence Marks who, along with his writing partner Maurice Gran, has been responsible for such TV hits as Birds of a Feather, Shine on Harvey Moon, The New Statesman and Goodnight Sweetheart, is returning to the mill for the third year running. During your week, Laurence will show you how to write scripts that really get noticed. He’ll lead you slowly through what makes classic television comedy, using one-to-one tutorials, team writing sessions, and most enlightening of all, studying films and TV series that have become ‘classics’.
Saturday 22 August to Saturday 29 August 2015 Laraine Simpson. PAINTING Oils, pastels, watercolours etc.
Laraine is a ‘Fine Arts’ painting graduate of Central School of Art & Design (now Central St. Martins), London. She works in oils, pastels, watercolours, and a variety of drawing materials. Her main inspiration is the wonderful interplay of light on surfaces, particularly the human form and landscape, and also animals and architecture. Laraine is highly regarded as a perceptive, patient and encouraging tutor working with beginners and advanced students alike, her main aim being to teach people to ‘see’ the relationships of line, tone, shape, colour etc which are fundamental to drawing and painting.
Saturday 29 August to Saturday 5 September 2015 and Saturday 5 September to Saturday 12 September 2015 Mike Willdridge. PAINTING Watercolour and drawing (also gouache, oils, pastels and acrylics)
Mike Willdridge works and teaches in a wide range of media and is an enthusiastic and energetic tutor with more than 20 years’ experience. Although his classes are always light-hearted and fun, he is experienced enough to vary the level of ‘teaching’ to individual needs. Mike works quickly and in a loose style, encouraging his students to simplify their own work.He especially values drawing as a way of recording/responding to everyday events and makes constant use of a sketchbook. He’ll encourage you to do the same and to take a sketchbook on location, building up a journal of memories of your time at the watermill and in the unspoilt countryside of Lunigiana.
Saturday 19 September to Saturday 26 September 2015 Nancy Marchant KNITTING Brioche stitch and La Bella Vita Italiana
Nancy, an American now living in Amsterdam, has written two books on brioche knitting, a technique involving tucked stitches, forming two layers of knitting in a warm and beautiful texture. She will share the secrets of both one- and two-colour brioche knitting and you’ll have the opportunity to play around with creating your own motif and begin knitting. Lots of examples and design possibilities will be discussed and you will be free to choose from several patterns to begin working a scarf, shawl or cowl or to experiment with designing your own under Nancy’s guidance.
Saturday 26 September to Saturday 3 October 2015 Charles Sluga. PAINTING Watercolours (and acrylics and oils)
Charles Sluga is an internationally recognised professional watercolourist, highly regarded for his unique vision and versatility in the medium. He is also an enthusiastic, popular and passionate teacher and runs workshops in his native Australia and around the world. Charles not only teaches technique, but also how to think and see as an Artist, which he considers just as important. His friendliness, sense of humour and willingness to impart his knowledge makes his classes relaxed, informal and inspiring.
Wednesday 30 September to Saturday 10 October 2015 Keiko Tanabe. PAINTING A unique 10-day watercolour painting holiday
Keiko Tanabe was born in Kyoto, Japan but now lives in San Diego, California. She says of her work: “Watercolour painting is a creative tool to capture the simple truth in our everyday life that may be overlooked but tugs at my heartstrings. It is also a vehicle to communicate my artistic vision on the joy of living and the ingenuity of human creations.” Keiko is also a much sought-after instructor and has successfully led more than 60 workshops around the world. She’ll be with you on a wonderful 10-day artistic adventure: three days in glorious Florence PLUS a week-long watercolour workshop at the watermill in the Tuscan countryside. All this will help you to gain a better understanding of methods and techniques to make watercolour paintings that are full of light and atmosphere.
Saturday 10 October to Saturday 17 October 2015 Anne Kerr. PAINTING Watercolours and pastels
Anne Kerr is a professional artist with over 30 years of teaching experience. Her love of the landscape stems from having been born and brought up in the beautiful County of Cornwall. Her positive approach, friendliness and sense of humour ensures every student feels really comfortable, whether they are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional artist. Anne’s course will show you that a painting does not have to be complicated and detailed to look stunning. Sometimes simplicity has more dynamic impact than great detail. Anne will show you ways of choosing a subject to paint and how to make an initial sketch accurately with just the minimum amount of drawing.



You will stay in an elegant Tuscan house beside the old mill. It has six large double and five single fully furnished bedrooms. Four of the bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. There are another three modern bathrooms. There is a large sitting room for aperitivi before supper and congenial chats afterwards, and a new dining room overlooking the courtyard for leisurely breakfasts and some dinners. Other meals (it‘s all included in the cost of the course) will be at several small and friendly local restaurants and will include regional Italian dishes and wines. We can cater for vegetarians on request. There are facilities at the mill for personal tea and coffee-making. There are sun-filled terraces and, beside the courtyard, millstone tables under the vines for al fresco life. We have sunloungers in the walled garden and riverside gardens, tooOur secluded gardens extend for about a quarter of a mile beside the river and along the millstream.

About the Local Area

Our beautiful watermill in Tuscany stands beside the River Rosaro in the small village of Posara, a mile or so from the walled medieval town of Fivizzano in the district of Lunigiana. Set in a gentle wooded valley with rolling hills and mountain peaks in the background, the mill is a peaceful spot, yet within easy reach of the sea and the tourist attractions of Tuscany.

How to Find Us

We pick you up at Pisa airport between 11am and 2pm (unless you decide to drive to Italy, in which case we’ll give you full directions). You can book your own flights (there are good connections from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, East Midlands, Birmingham, Leeds/Bradford, Manchester and Bristol and from many international airports) or, to make life easier, you can use the services of our Personal Travel Adviser, Peter Millard, who will fix everything for you at very competitive prices. Peter has more than 30 years experience in the travel industry. Peter will give you personal service and he knows how the mill organisation works. There is absolutely no obligation to use him, but if you would like his help, his email address is peter.millard@futuretravel.co.uk and his UK phone number is 0844 209 4039 (you only pay a local call charge wherever you call from in the UK).

Our Prices

Double rooms may be booked for single occupation, however a supplement will apply. For those non-painting partners who would also like to come, we’ve lots of suggestions for things to do while your partner paints. Painting, Writing and Knitting Holidays in Italy * Price per person sharing a double room @ From £ (GBP) 1135 * Price for a single room @ From £ (GBP) 1435 to 1535 * Non-painting partners are welcome @ £200 discount on above prices

What's Included

Our painting holidays and creative writing courses are all-inclusive: everything is included in the cost of your holiday: transfers to and from Pisa, tuition, accommodation, all meals and local transportation.

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Other ways of contacting us
Provider: The Watermill at Posara
Phone: #44 207 193 6246
Website: http://www.watermill.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Watermill/113363842050200?sk=wall

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